What are the 6 types of politics?

There are many different ways to classify or categorize different types of politics, and the specific categories that are used can depend on the context and the goals of the classification. Here are six possible categories that you might use to describe different types of politics:

  1. Domestic politics: Politics within a single country, involving the relationships and power dynamics among different groups and institutions within that country.
  2. International politics: Politics between countries, including the ways in which different nations interact with each other and try to influence each other’s decisions.
  3. Political parties: Politics organized around the competition between different political parties, each of which represents a different set of ideas and policies.
  4. Ideological politics: Politics centered around different ideologies or belief systems, such as conservatism, liberalism, socialism, or anarchism.
  5. Identity politics: Politics focused on the rights and interests of particular social groups based on shared characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.
  6. Interest group politics: Politics involving the activities of special interest groups, which are organizations that seek to influence public policy in order to promote the interests of their members.

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