What is domestic example?

Examples of domestic issues or affairs that may be of concern to a country and its citizens include:

  1. Income inequality: The unequal distribution of wealth and income within a country, which can lead to social and economic disparities.
  2. Access to education: Ensuring that all children have access to quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  3. Healthcare: Providing access to affordable and high-quality healthcare for all citizens.
  4. Affordable housing: Ensuring that all citizens have access to safe, affordable, and well-maintained housing.
  5. Environmental protection: Protecting the natural environment and promoting sustainable practices within a country.
  6. Racial inequality: Addressing systemic racism and discrimination and promoting social justice for all citizens.
  7. Social welfare: Providing support and assistance to those in need, such as through programs like unemployment insurance and food assistance.
  8. Criminal justice: Ensuring that the criminal justice system is fair, effective, and accountable, and working to prevent crime and promote public safety.

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