Xi and Putin’s Alliance: A Test for US?

The alliance between China and Russia has been tightening in recent years, particularly in the area of military cooperation. As the two countries conduct joint military exercises and share strategic resources, there are questions about how this partnership will impact the balance of power in the world, particularly with regards to the United States.

Xi and Putin strengthen alliance with military exercises

In recent years, China and Russia have conducted joint military exercises, including naval drills in the South China Sea and joint air patrols in the Asia-Pacific region. These exercises serve several purposes, from improving military interoperability to signaling to the world that China and Russia are working together on shared interests.

The latest joint military exercises, which took place in August 2019, involved over 1,600 troops from both countries and focused on counter-terrorism and border security. These drills were seen as particularly significant because they took place in Russia’s Far East, near the border with China. The exercises were also timed to coincide with the Eastern Economic Forum, a meeting of Asian leaders hosted by Russia.

Is the US prepared to face the growing partnership?

The growing partnership between China and Russia presents a challenge for the United States, particularly as it comes at a time when the US is engaged in multiple trade disputes with China and facing sanctions from Russia. The US has long been the dominant military and economic power in the world, but the alliance between China and Russia could shift the balance of power in their favor.

The US has taken several steps to address this challenge, including increasing military spending and forming new alliances in the region. However, some experts argue that the US needs to do more to counter the growing partnership between China and Russia, particularly in the area of economic cooperation. The US could also seek to build stronger ties with other countries in the region, such as India and Japan, to create a more balanced power dynamic.

The alliance between China and Russia is a significant development in global politics, particularly as it relates to the power dynamic between the US and China. As the two countries continue to strengthen their partnership through joint military exercises and economic cooperation, it will be important for the US to respond in a strategic and measured way. The future of the world order may hinge on how these relationships between major powers play out in the coming years.

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