Money Reigns in Miles Morales’ World

Miles Morales is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe, known as the second Spider-Man, succeeding Peter Parker. As a teenager, he has many struggles, including dealing with his newfound powers and the responsibility that comes with it. One of the themes that play a significant role in his life is money. Money is not only essential for his everyday life but also heavily influences his relationships and his journey as a hero.

Money Reigns: A Look into Miles Morales’ World

Miles Morales belongs to a working-class family where money is always tight. His mother, Rio Morales, is a nurse, and his father, Jefferson Davis, is a police officer. Miles’ family struggles to make ends meet, and he even needs to attend a scholarship program to get into a prestigious school. The limitations that come with their financial status affect Miles’ life, as he cannot afford expensive gadgets like his predecessor Peter Parker. In contrast, Peter had a significant inheritance from his wealthy family that allowed him to buy the best equipment possible.

The Role of Wealth in the Life of Marvel’s Spider-Man

Wealth plays a crucial role in the life of superheroes, and it is not different for Miles Morales. As Spider-Man, he is responsible for protecting his city, and that requires the use of gadgets, transportation, and other resources. Unfortunately, as a teenager from a working-class family, he cannot afford high-tech equipment. It puts him at a disadvantage compared to other heroes who have vast fortunes like Tony Stark, who is Iron Man. Despite this, Miles’ resourcefulness and intelligence allow him to come up with innovative ways to use his powers and gadgets.

Another aspect of wealth in the life of a superhero is the influence it has on their social status. Being wealthy opens doors and opportunities, brings connections and respect, and provides a sense of security. For Miles, his lack of wealth puts him in a vulnerable position, making him an easy target for bullies and criminals. However, it also motivates him to work harder and prove that he can be a hero despite his financial limitations.

Money is a significant theme in the life of Miles Morales, affecting his relationships, his access to resources, and his journey as a hero. Despite the challenges that come with his financial status, Miles proves to be a capable and resourceful superhero. His story reminds us that what truly matters is our determination and resilience in the face of adversity, regardless of our social and economic background.

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