Missed Opportunity: DC’s Black Adam vs. Shazam

DC Comics has a plethora of legendary characters that have been captivating audiences for decades, but few have the power and charisma of Black Adam and Shazam. The fact that both DC superheroes are connected in a way that makes them perfect arch-nemeses makes their potential movie confrontation one of the most anticipated in the comic book world. However, the DC Cinematic Universe missed a golden opportunity by not doing a film about Black Adam vs. Shazam.

Black Adam vs. Shazam: A Disappointing Missed Opportunity

The characters of Black Adam and Shazam are incredibly iconic in the DC Universe. Black Adam is known for his immense strength and mystical powers, while Shazam, the alter ego of Billy Batson, has similar abilities but also has the power of flight and transformation. The two characters have a deep rivalry that spans the ages, as they both possess similar abilities and have the same source of power, the Wizard Shazam.

Despite all of this, DC Comics has yet to bring their rivalry to the big screen. The closest they came was when Black Adam was teased in the post-credits scene of the Shazam movie, but no standalone film has yet been produced. Fans were left disappointed, as this missed opportunity could have made for an epic movie, with two powerful characters facing off against each other.

What DC Could Have Done Better in their Cinematic Universe

DC Comics could have done a lot better in their cinematic universe by taking the opportunity to showcase the rivalry between Black Adam and Shazam. By creating a standalone film or even having Black Adam as the main villain in a Shazam sequel, DC Comics could have explored the intricate relationship between the two characters, highlighting their differences and similarities. The result could have been a visually stunning and action-packed movie, with two superhero legends going head to head.

Furthermore, DC Comics could have taken a page from Marvel’s book and created a shared universe that allowed for a more cohesive story arc. By introducing Black Adam as a villain in a Shazam movie, they could have then gone on to include him in other DC movies, creating a more dynamic and interconnected universe. This would have given fans a chance to see more of the iconic character, and it would have allowed for more elaborate and complex storylines that span multiple films.

The missed opportunity of Black Adam vs. Shazam will go down as one of the most significant disappointments in the DC Cinematic Universe. However, there is still hope that DC Comics will bring these two iconic characters together in the future, giving fans the chance to see a film that showcases their unique relationship. Only time will tell if DC Comics will take advantage of their missed opportunity, but for now, we can only imagine what might have been.

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